Publication : Autogenous translation regulation by Escherichia coli ATPase SecA may be mediated by an intrinsic RNA helicase activity of this protein.

First Author  Koonin EV Year  1992
Journal  FEBS Lett Volume  298
Pages  6-8 PubMed ID  1531961
Issue  1

2 Authors

6 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR014014 RNA helicase, DEAD-box type, Q motif RNA_helicase_DEAD_Q_motif Domain
IPR014018 SecA motor DEAD SecA_motor_DEAD Domain
IPR028618 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DeaD DEAD_helicase_DeaD Family
IPR028619 ATP-dependent RNA helicase DbpA DEAD_helicase_DbpA Family
IPR028621 ATP-dependent RNA helicase SrmB DEAD_helicase_SrmB Family
IPR028622 ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlE DEAD_helicase_RhlE Family

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