Publication : Polymorphic toxin systems: Comprehensive characterization of trafficking modes, processing, mechanisms of action, immunity and ecology using comparative genomics.

First Author  Zhang D Year  2012
Journal  Biol Direct Volume  7
Pages  18 PubMed ID  22731697

99 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR028947 Putative toxin 55 Toxin_55 Domain
IPR028916 Tox-GHH domain Tox-GHH_dom Domain
IPR028920 Tox-ART-HYD1 domain Tox-ART-HYD1_dom Domain
IPR029097 Putative toxin 67 Toxin_67 Domain
IPR009671 Regulator of ribonuclease activity B domain RraB_dom Domain
IPR028050 Toxin in Odyssella and Amoebophilus Tox-ODYAM1 Family
IPR028046 Immunity protein 49 Imm49 Family
IPR028047 Latrotoxin, C-terminal domain Latrotoxin_C_dom Domain
IPR028048 HNH/Endo VII superfamily nuclease toxins Tox-HNH-EHHH Domain
IPR028049 NTF2 fold immunity protein Imm-NTF2 Domain
IPR028276 Immunity protein 41 Imm41 Family
IPR028264 Immunity protein 9 Imm9 Family
IPR028148 Immunity protein 45 Imm45 Family
IPR028185 Putative immunity protein 42 Imm42_put Family
IPR028190 Putative toxin 46 Toxin_46 Domain
IPR028218 JAB-like toxin 1 Toxin-JAB1 Family
IPR028200 Immunity protein 17 Imm17 Family
IPR028238 Putative toxin 61 Toxin_61 Domain
IPR028228 Immunity protein 33 Imm33 Family
IPR028921 NTF2 fold domain NTF2_fold_dom Domain
IPR028910 Tox-PL-2 domain Tox-PL-2_dom Domain
IPR028911 Tox-MPTase5 domain Tox-MPTase5_dom Domain
IPR028912 Tox-MPTase4 domain Tox-MPTase4_dom Domain
IPR028917 Tox-GHH2 domain Tox-GHH2_domain Domain
IPR028918 Tox-ART-HYE1 domain Tox-ART-HYE1_dom Domain
IPR028913 Tox-MPTase3 domain Tox-MPTase3_dom Domain
IPR028914 Tox-MPTase2 domain Tox-MPTase2_dom Domain
IPR028915 Tox-HNH-HHH domain Tox-HNH-HHH_dom Domain
IPR028900 Tox-SHH domain Tox-SHH_dom Domain
IPR028901 Tox-SGS domain Tox-SGS_dom Domain

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