Publication : Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors as potent weapons in war against cancers.

First Author  Sharma PS Year  2009
Journal  Curr Pharm Des Volume  15
Pages  758-76 PubMed ID  19275641
Issue  7

3 Authors

27 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR011641 Tyrosine-protein kinase ephrin type A/B receptor-like Tyr-kin_ephrin_A/B_rcpt-like Domain
IPR020635 Tyrosine-protein kinase, catalytic domain Tyr_kinase_cat_dom Domain
IPR008266 Tyrosine-protein kinase, active site Tyr_kinase_AS Active_site
IPR002011 Tyrosine-protein kinase, receptor class II, conserved site Tyr_kinase_rcpt_2_CS Conserved_site
IPR016250 Tyrosine-protein kinase, Fes/Fps type Tyr-prot_kinase_Fes/Fps Family
IPR020691 Ephrin type-A receptor 8 EphrinA_rcpt8 Family
IPR016045 Tyrosine-protein kinase, non-receptor, TYK2, N-terminal Tyr_kinase_non-rcpt_TYK2_N Domain
IPR016251 Tyrosine-protein kinase, non-receptor Jak/Tyk2 Tyr_kinase_non-rcpt_Jak/Tyk2 Family
IPR018941 Tyrosine-protein kinase, receptor Tie-2, Ig-like domain 1, N-terminal Tyr_kin_Tie2_Ig-like_dom-1_N Domain
IPR016235 Tyrosine/threonine-protein kinase, Cdc2 inhibitor Tyr/Thr_kinase_Cdc2_inhib Family
IPR016243 Tyrosine-protein kinase, CSF-1/PDGF receptor family Tyr_kinase_CSF1/PDGF_rcpt Family
IPR001824 Tyrosine-protein kinase, receptor class III, conserved site Tyr_kinase_rcpt_3_CS Conserved_site
IPR016249 Tyrosine-protein kinase, Ret receptor Tyr_kinase_Ret_rcpt Family
IPR016245 Tyrosine protein kinase, EGF/ERB/XmrK receptor Tyr_kinase_EGF/ERB/XmrK_rcpt Family
IPR016244 Tyrosine-protein kinase, HGF/MSP receptor Tyr_kinase_HGF/MSP_rcpt Family
IPR016247 Tyrosine-protein kinase, receptor ROR Tyr_kinase_rcpt_ROR Family
IPR016246 Tyrosine-protein kinase, insulin-like receptor Tyr_kinase_insulin-like_rcpt Family
IPR020775 Tyrosine-protein kinase, non-receptor Jak3 Tyr_kinase_non-rcpt_Jak3 Family
IPR020776 Tyrosine-protein kinase, non-receptor Jak1 Tyr_kinase_non-rcpt_Jak1 Family
IPR001426 Tyrosine-protein kinase, receptor class V, conserved site Tyr_kinase_rcpt_V_CS Conserved_site
IPR020461 Tyrosine-protein kinase, neurotrophic receptor, type 1 Tyr_kinase_neurotrophic_rcpt_1 Family
IPR020446 Tyrosine-protein kinase, neurotrophic receptor, type 3 Tyr_kin_neurotrophic_rcpt_3 Family
IPR020455 Tyrosine-protein kinase, neurotrophic receptor, type 2 Tyr_kin_neurotrophic_rcpt_2 Family
IPR020777 Tyrosine-protein kinase, neurotrophic receptor Tyr_kinase_NGF_rcpt Family
IPR017479 Tyrosine-protein kinase, chain length determinant protein EpsG Tyr_kinase_chain_length_EpsG Family
IPR012234 Tyrosine-protein kinase, non-receptor SYK/ZAP-70 Tyr_kinase_non-rcpt_SYK/ZAP70 Family
IPR023420 Tyrosine-protein kinase SYK/ZAP-70, inter-SH2 domain Kinase_SYK/ZAP-70_inter-SH2 Domain

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