Publication : The structural basis for substrate specificity in DNA topoisomerase IV.

First Author  Corbett KD Year  2005
Journal  J Mol Biol Volume  351
Pages  545-61 PubMed ID  16023670
Issue  3

13 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR002205 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit A/C-terminal Topo_IIA_A/C Domain
IPR013506 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit B, domain 2 Topo_IIA_bsu_dom2 Domain
IPR013760 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA-like domain Topo_IIA_like_dom Domain
IPR013759 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, central domain Topo_IIA_cen_dom Domain
IPR001241 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA Topo_IIA Family
IPR013758 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit A/ C-terminal, alpha-beta Topo_IIA_A/C_ab Domain
IPR013757 Type IIA DNA topoisomerase subunit A, alpha-helical domain Topo_IIA_A_a Domain
IPR006691 DNA gyrase/topoisomerase IV, subunit A, C-terminal beta-pinwheel GyrA/parC_pinwhl Repeat
IPR005740 DNA topoisomerase 4 subunit B, Gram-positive ParE Family
IPR005737 DNA topoisomerase IV, subunit B, Gram-negative TopoIV_B_Gneg Family
IPR000565 DNA topoisomerase, type IIA, subunit B Topo_IIA_B Family
IPR005741 DNA topoisomerase IV subunit A, Gram-positive TopoIV_A_Gpos Family
IPR005742 DNA topoisomerase IV, subunit A, Gram-negative TopoIV_A_Gneg Family

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