Publication : Crystal structure of MalK, the ATPase subunit of the trehalose/maltose ABC transporter of the archaeon Thermococcus litoralis.

First Author  Diederichs K Year  2000
Journal  EMBO J Volume  19
Pages  5951-61 PubMed ID  11080142
Issue  22

80 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR003439 ABC transporter-like ABC_transporter-like Domain
IPR013525 ABC-2 type transporter ABC_2_trans Domain
IPR017871 ABC transporter, conserved site ABC_transporter_CS Conserved_site
IPR005292 Multi drug resistance-associated protein Multidrug-R_assoc Family
IPR011866 Sulphate ABC transporter, permease protein CysW CysW_permease Family
IPR011865 Sulphate ABC transporter, permease protein CysT CysT_permease Family
IPR005666 Sulphate transport system permease protein 1 Sulph_transpt1 Domain
IPR015853 ABC transporter, ferric cation import, FbpC ABC_transpr_FbpC Domain
IPR015862 ABC transporter, galactose import, MglA ABC_transpr_MglA Family
IPR000412 ABC-2 transporter ABC_2_transport Family
IPR011924 Lipoprotein releasing system, ATP-binding protein LolD_lipo_ATP-bd Family
IPR015854 ABC transporter, lipoprotein release, LolD ABC_transpr_LolD Domain
IPR020064 ABC transporter, G1 ABCG1 Family
IPR019195 ABC transporter, ATPase, putative ABC_ATPase_put Family
IPR010929 CDR ABC transporter PDR_CDR_ABC Domain
IPR006469 NifC-like ABC-type porter NifC_ABC_porter Family
IPR017908 ABC transporter, methionine import, ATP-binding protein, MetN, C-terminal ABC_transprt_methionine_MetN_C Domain
IPR012692 ABC transporter, methionine import, ATP-binding protein MetN, proteobacteria ABC_MetN_proteobac Family
IPR014137 Nickel import ATP-binding protein NikE Nickel_NikE Family
IPR015858 ABC transporter, nickel import, NikE ABC_transpr_NikE Domain
IPR014138 Nickel import ATP-binding protein NikD Nickel_NikD Family
IPR015857 ABC transporter, nickel import, NikD ABC_transpr_NikD Domain
IPR014156 Nickel ABC transporter, permease subunit NikB Nickel_NikB Family
IPR014157 Nickel ABC transporter, permease subunit NikC Nickel_NikC Family
IPR011868 Molybdate ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein ModC_ABC_ATP-bd Family
IPR017663 ABC transport system, 1-aminoethylphosphonate-binding protein, putative ABC_PhnS2_put Family
IPR014343 Ectoine/hydroxyectoine ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein Ectoine_EhuA Family
IPR014223 ABC transporter, CydDC cysteine exporter (CydDC-E) family, permease/ATP-binding protein CydC ABC_CydC Family
IPR014597 ABC transporter, periplasmic substrate-binding protein ABC_tp_sb Family
IPR014769 ABC transporter, sulphate/thiosulphate import, ATP-binding protein CysA, C-terminal ABC_CysA_ATP-bd_C Domain

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