Publication : An overview of the potassium channel family.

First Author  Miller C Year  2000
Journal  Genome Biol Volume  1
Pages  REVIEWS0004 PubMed ID  11178249
Issue  4

1 Authors

71 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR028325 Voltage-gated potassium channel VG_K_chnl Family
IPR015449 Potassium channel, calcium-activated, SK K_chnl_Ca-activ_SK Family
IPR003929 Potassium channel, calcium-activated, BK, alpha subunit K_chnl_Ca-activ_BK_asu Family
IPR003930 Potassium channel, calcium-activated, BK, beta subunit K_chnl_Ca-activ_BK_bsu Family
IPR013821 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, KCNQ, C-terminal K_chnl_volt-dep_KCNQ_C Domain
IPR005827 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, KCNQ1 K_chnl_volt-dep_KCQN1 Family
IPR024587 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv4, C-terminal K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv4_C Domain
IPR003091 Potassium channel K_chnl Family
IPR003950 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, ELK K_chnl_volt-dep_ELK Family
IPR003938 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, EAG/ELK/ERG K_chnl_volt-dep_EAG/ELK/ERG Family
IPR003280 Two pore domain potassium channel 2pore_dom_K_chnl Family
IPR003974 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv3 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv3 Family
IPR003975 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv4 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv4 Family
IPR003967 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, ERG K_chnl_volt-dep_ERG Family
IPR003972 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv1 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv1 Family
IPR003971 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv9 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv9 Family
IPR004052 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv1.5 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv1.5 Family
IPR003949 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, EAG K_chnl_volt-dep_EAG Family
IPR003973 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv2 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv2 Family
IPR015572 Voltage-dependent potassium channel protein Shaw, invertebrate Shaw_inv Family
IPR013518 Potassium channel, inwardly rectifying, Kir, cytoplasmic K_chnl_inward-rec_Kir_cyto Domain
IPR005400 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, beta subunit, KCNAB1 K_chnl_volt-dep_bsu_KCNAB1 Family
IPR005399 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, beta subunit, KCNAB-related K_chnl_volt-dep_bsu_KCNAB-rel Family
IPR005983 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, beta subunit, KCNAB K_chnl_volt-dep_bsu_KCNAB Family
IPR005408 Two pore domain potassium channel, TWIK family 2pore_dom_K_chnl_TWIK Family
IPR001779 Two pore domain potassium channel, TWIK-1 2pore_dom_K_chnl_TWIK1 Family
IPR003969 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv6 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv6 Family
IPR016449 Potassium channel, inwardly rectifying, Kir K_chnl_inward-rec_Kir Family
IPR000369 Potassium channel, voltage-dependent, beta subunit, KCNE K_chnl_volt-dep_bsu_KCNE Family
IPR004049 Potassium channel, voltage dependent, Kv1.2 K_chnl_volt-dep_Kv1.2 Family

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