Publication : Evolutionary families of peptidases.

First Author  Rawlings ND Year  1993
Journal  Biochem J Volume  290 ( Pt 1)
Pages  205-18 PubMed ID  8439290

2 Authors

59 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR000668 Peptidase C1A, papain C-terminal Peptidase_C1A_C Domain
IPR013128 Peptidase C1A Peptidase_C1A Family
IPR000209 Peptidase S8/S53 domain Peptidase_S8/S53_dom Domain
IPR001375 Peptidase S9, prolyl oligopeptidase, catalytic domain Peptidase_S9 Domain
IPR002470 Peptidase S9A, prolyl oligopeptidase Peptidase_S9A Family
IPR002469 Peptidase S9B, dipeptidylpeptidase IV N-terminal Peptidase_S9B Domain
IPR007230 Peptidase S59, nucleoporin Peptidase_S59 Domain
IPR008758 Peptidase S28 Peptidase_S28 Family
IPR001733 Peptidase S26B, eukaryotic signal peptidase Peptidase_S26B Family
IPR003111 Peptidase S16, lon N-terminal Pept_S16_N Domain
IPR008269 Peptidase S16, Lon C-terminal Pept_S16_C Domain
IPR011356 Leucine aminopeptidase/peptidase B Leucine_aapep/pepB Family
IPR008268 Peptidase S16, active site Peptidase_S16_AS Active_site
IPR002471 Peptidase S9, serine active site Pept_S9_AS Active_site
IPR018202 Peptidase S10, serine carboxypeptidase, active site Peptidase_S10_AS Active_site
IPR002142 Peptidase S49 Peptidase_S49 Domain
IPR012907 Peptidase S11, D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase A, C-terminal Peptidase_S11_C Domain
IPR015366 Peptidase S53, propeptide Peptidase_S53_propep Domain
IPR005320 Peptidase S51 Peptidase_S51 Family
IPR012985 Peptidase S64, Ssy5 Peptidase_S64_Ssy5 Family
IPR013703 Peptidase S49, N-terminal proteobacteria Peptidase_S49_N_proteobac Domain
IPR004109 Peptidase S29, hepatitus C polyprotein NS3 Peptidase_S29 Domain
IPR004236 Peptidase S1A, alpha-lytic prodomain Pept_S1_alpha_lytic Domain
IPR004635 Peptidase S49, SppA Pept_S49_SppA Domain
IPR004634 Peptidase S49, protease IV Pept_S49_pIV Family
IPR014124 Peptidase S26A, superoxide dismutase maturation protease, nickel-type Pept_S26A_Sod_Ni_maturase Family
IPR014032 Peptidase A24A, prepilin type IV, bacterial Peptidase_A24A_bac Family
IPR014219 Peptidase S55, sporulation stage IV, protein B Pept_S55_SpoIVB Family
IPR008763 Peptidase S55, SpoIVB Peptidase_S55 Domain
IPR002540 Peptidase S30, polyprotein P1, potyvirus Pept_S30_P1_potyvir Domain

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