Publication : A structural model of the vacuolar ATPase from transmission electron microscopy.

First Author  Wilkens S Year  2005
Journal  Micron Volume  36
Pages  109-26 PubMed ID  15629643
Issue  2

3 Authors

23 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR002842 ATPase, V1/A1 complex, subunit E ATPase_V1/A1-cplx_esu Family
IPR000793 ATPase, F1/V1/A1 complex, alpha/beta subunit, C-terminal ATPase_F1/V1/A1-cplx_a/bsu_C Domain
IPR000194 ATPase, F1/V1/A1 complex, alpha/beta subunit, nucleotide-binding domain ATPase_F1/V1/A1_a/bsu_nucl-bd Domain
IPR002490 V-type ATPase, V0 complex, 116kDa subunit family V-ATPase_116kDa_su Family
IPR008389 ATPase, V0 complex, subunit e1/e2 ATPase_V0-cplx_e1/e2_su Family
IPR004908 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit H ATPase_V1-cplx_hsu Family
IPR011987 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit H, C-terminal ATPase_V1-cplx_hsu_C Domain
IPR021013 ATPase, vacuolar ER assembly factor, Vma12 ATPase_Vma12 Family
IPR008388 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit S1 ATPase_V1-cplx_s1su Family
IPR002379 V-ATPase proteolipid subunit C-like domain ATPase_proteolipid_c_like_dom Domain
IPR004907 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit C ATPase_V1-cplx_csu Family
IPR016727 ATPase, V0 complex, subunit d ATPase_V0-cplx_dsu Family
IPR002843 ATPase, V0 complex, c/d subunit ATPase_V0-cplx_csu/dsu Family
IPR002699 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit D V_ATPase_D Family
IPR005772 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit F, eukaryotic ATPase_V1-cplx_fsu_euk Family
IPR008218 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit F ATPase_V1-cplx_f_g_su Family
IPR000245 V-ATPase proteolipid subunit ATPase_proteolipid_csu Family
IPR011555 V-ATPase proteolipid subunit C, eukaryotic ATPase_proteolipid_su_C_euk Family
IPR005723 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit B ATPase_V1-cplx_bsu Family
IPR005725 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit A ATPase_V1-cplx_asu Family
IPR014272 ATPase, V0 complex, c subunit ATPase_V0-cplx_c_su Family
IPR022944 ATPase, V1 complex, subunit F, bacterial/archaeal ATPase_V1-cplx_fsu_bac/arc Family
IPR017385 ATPase, V0 complex, subunit e1/e2, metazoa ATPase_V0-cplx_e1/e2_su_met Family

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