Publication : Evolutionary lines of cysteine peptidases.

First Author  Barrett AJ Year  2001
Journal  Biol Chem Volume  382
Pages  727-33 PubMed ID  11517925
Issue  5

2 Authors

36 Bio Entities

Id Name Short Name Type
IPR029030 Caspase-like domain Caspase-like_dom Domain
IPR000855 Peptidase C5, adenain Peptidase_C5 Family
IPR000668 Peptidase C1A, papain C-terminal Peptidase_C1A_C Domain
IPR003653 Peptidase C48, SUMO/Sentrin/Ubl1 Peptidase_C48 Family
IPR022682 Peptidase C2, calpain, large subunit, domain III Calpain_domain_III Domain
IPR015644 Peptidase C1A, cathepsin K Peptidase_C1A_cathepsin-K Family
IPR005314 Peptidase C50, separase Peptidase_C50 Family
IPR012462 Peptidase C78, ubiquitin fold modifier-specific peptidase 1/ 2 Peptidase_C78_UfSP1/2 Family
IPR015917 Peptidase C14A, caspase precursor p45, core Pept_C14A_p45_core Domain
IPR002138 Peptidase C14, caspase non-catalytic subunit p10 Pept_C14_p10 Domain
IPR011600 Peptidase C14, caspase domain Pept_C14_caspase Domain
IPR000169 Cysteine peptidase, cysteine active site Pept_cys_AS Active_site
IPR025660 Cysteine peptidase, histidine active site Pept_his_AS Active_site
IPR025661 Cysteine peptidase, asparagine active site Pept_asp_AS Active_site
IPR022683 Peptidase C2, calpain, domain III Calpain_III Domain
IPR000199 Peptidase C3A/C3B, picornaviral Peptidase_C3A/C3B_picornavir Domain
IPR008740 Peptidase C30, Coronavirus endopeptidase Peptidase_C30 Domain
IPR015643 Peptidase C1A, cathepsin B Peptidase_C1A_cathepsin-B Family
IPR011697 Peptidase C26 Peptidase_C26 Family
IPR004134 Peptidase C1B, bleomycin hydrolase Peptidase_C1B Family
IPR005322 Peptidase C69, dipeptidase A Peptidase_C69 Family
IPR000200 Peptidase C10, streptopain Peptidase_C10 Family
IPR017350 Caspase, interleukin-1 beta convertase-type Caspase_ICE-type Family
IPR014173 Peptidase C11, Clostripain Clostridium species Pept_C11_CLOspp Family
IPR015645 Peptidase C1A, placentally-expressed cathepsin Pept_C1A_placental-cathepsin Family
IPR000081 Peptidase C3, picornavirus core protein 2A Peptidase_C3 Domain
IPR000317 Peptidase C24, Calicivirus polyprotein Orf1 Peptidase_C24 Domain
IPR006286 Peptidase C56, PfpI Peptidase_C56 Family
IPR005315 Peptidase C8, hypovirus Peptidase_C8 Family
IPR008043 Peptidase C21 Peptidase_C21 Domain

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