Transcript : dd_Smed_v6_601_0_1 S. mediterranea

Length  827     Open in Genome Browser Source  Transcriptome assembly (Trinity v2.2.0)
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EST: KC916779.1, clone PL04013A1A11 histone H1 mRNA - partial cds

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3 Blast Sequence Features

Blast Target Species Blast Description evalue Contig Location Length Strand
NP_001027290.1 Drosophila melanogaster CG33807 gene product from transcript CG33807-RA 3.0E-14 122-352 231 1
XP_001649023.1 Aedes aegypti AAEL014560-PA 4.0E-17 122-358 237 1
NP_999720.1 Strongylocentrotus purpuratus late histone H1-gamma 9.0E-17 125-367 243 1

10 Domain Sequence Features

Domain Type InterPro Domain Description Score Contig Location Length Strand
PF00538 PFAM IPR005818 linker histone H1 and H5 family 1.4E-22 128-352 225 1
G3DSA: GENE3D IPR011991 winged helixrepressor DNA binding domain 4.2E-26 116-373 258 1
PR00624 PRINTS IPR005819 Histone H5 signature 9.48E-7 575-631 57 1
SM00526 SMART IPR005818 Domain in histone families 1 and 5 2.5E-23 122-319 198 1
SSF46785 SSF Winged helixDNA-binding domain 1.96E-20 119-376 258 1
PTHR11467 PANTHER HISTONE H1/H5 3.6E-26 44-709 666 1
PS51504 PROFILE IPR005818 Linker histone H1/H5 globular (H15) domain profile. 26.981 128-355 228 1
PR00624 PRINTS IPR005819 Histone H5 signature 9.48E-7 302-373 72 1
PR00624 PRINTS IPR005819 Histone H5 signature 9.48E-7 401-442 42 1
PR00624 PRINTS IPR005819 Histone H5 signature 9.48E-7 89-151 63 1


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4 ORFs

Contig Location Length Strand Sequence
47-715 669 1
283-825 543 -1
401-628 228 -1
621-728 108 1

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