Transcript : dd_Smed_v6_3974_0_1 S. mediterranea

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3 Blast Sequence Features

Blast Target Species Blast Description evalue Contig Location Length Strand
NP_002023.2 Homo sapiens ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1 2.0E-72 117-620 504 1
NP_001191661.1 Aplysia californica soma ferritin 6.0E-79 114-623 510 1
XP_005988039.1 Latimeria chalumnae ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1 7.0E-78 117-632 516 1

6 Domain Sequence Features

Domain Type InterPro Domain Description Score Contig Location Length Strand
PF00210 PFAM IPR008331 Ferritin-like domain 4.1E-47 156-572 417 1
SSF47240 SSF IPR009078 Ferritin-like 3.95E-74 114-617 504 1
PS00204 PROSITE IPR014034 Ferritin iron-binding regions signature 2. 0.0 477-536 60 1
PS50905 PROFILE IPR009040 Ferritin-like diiron domain profile. 53.403 129-575 447 1
G3DSA:1.20.1260.10 GENE3D IPR012347   5.0E-87 111-617 507 1
PTHR11431 PANTHER IPR001519 FERRITIN 3.3E-110 114-629 516 1


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2 ORFs

Contig Location Length Strand Sequence
114-632 519 1
923-1024 102 1

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