Transcript : dd_Smed_v6_276_0_1 S. mediterranea

Length  872     Open in Genome Browser Source  Transcriptome assembly (Trinity v2.2.0)
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EST: AY067183.1, clone H.89.3e unknown mRNA sequence

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3 Blast Sequence Features

Blast Target Species Blast Description evalue Contig Location Length Strand
NP_000962.2 Homo sapiens ribosomal protein L7 1.0E-78 107-820 714 1
NP_035421.2 Mus musculus ribosomal protein L7 4.0E-78 98-820 723 1
XP_003745534.1 Metaseiulus occidentalis 60S ribosomal protein L7-like 9.0E-95 101-823 723 1

9 Domain Sequence Features

Domain Type InterPro Domain Description Score Contig Location Length Strand
PS00634 PROSITE IPR018038 Ribosomal protein L30 signature. 0.0 401-496 96 1
PF08079 PFAM IPR012988 Ribosomal L30 N-terminal domain 7.7E-10 128-337 210 1
PF00327 PFAM IPR016082 Ribosomal protein L30p/L7e 3.5E-20 344-496 153 1
PTHR11524:SF6 PANTHER 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L7 2.8E-126 101-820 720 1
PTHR11524 PANTHER 60S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN L7 2.8E-126 101-820 720 1
SSF55129 SSF IPR016082 Ribosomal protein L30p/L7e 1.27E-56 344-817 474 1
G3DSA:3.30.1390.20 GENE3D IPR016082   3.7E-34 347-511 165 1
G3DSA:3.30.1390.20 GENE3D IPR016082   3.7E-34 704-817 114 1
TIGR01310 TIGRFAMs IPR005998 L7: 60S ribosomal protein L7 2.9E-87 122-817 696 1


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3 ORFs

Contig Location Length Strand Sequence
98-823 726 1
719-871 153 -1
312-419 108 1

1 Treefam Sequence Features

Gene Family Score Reading Frame Bit Score Coverage Contig Location Length Strand
TF300740 6.0E-115 2 384.0 0.8165138 108-819 712 1

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