Transcript : dd_Smed_v6_106_0_1 S. mediterranea

Length  1511     Open in Genome Browser Source  Transcriptome assembly (Trinity v2.2.0)
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EST: AY967660.1, clone NBE.6.11D mRNA sequence

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3 Blast Sequence Features

Blast Target Species Blast Description evalue Contig Location Length Strand
XP_005110289.1 Aplysia californica 40S ribosomal protein S27-like 1.0E-36 1216-1467 252 1
NP_001037277.1 Bombyx mori ribosomal protein S27 2.0E-36 1216-1467 252 1
XP_008473447.1 Diaphorina citri 40S ribosomal protein S27 2.0E-35 1216-1467 252 1

5 Domain Sequence Features

Domain Type InterPro Domain Description Score Contig Location Length Strand
PTHR11594 PANTHER IPR000592 40S RIBOSOMAL PROTEIN S27 6.7E-61 1207-1464 258 1
G3DSA: GENE3D IPR023407 Zn-binding ribosomal proteins 3.1E-35 1297-1461 165 1
PF01667 PFAM IPR000592 Ribosomal protein S27 1.4E-28 1297-1458 162 1
PS01168 PROSITE IPR000592 Ribosomal protein S27e signature. 0.0 1321-1416 96 1
SSF57829 SSF IPR011332 Zn-binding ribosomal proteins 2.75E-22 1297-1458 162 1


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4 ORFs

Contig Location Length Strand Sequence
1216-1467 252 1
158-385 228 -1
1323-1475 153 1
949-1065 117 -1

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